One Direction Picture Preference~How the two of you hug:






One Direction Preferences~What the two of you do while he’s home:

Harry: Harry had just got back from their tour yesterday. You walked downstairs to find that Harry was in the kitchen, cooking. You sneaked up behind his and wrapped your arms around his stomach, resting your head on his back. “Hey! Y/N I almost knocked this over cause of you!” He playfully shouted. Laughing you jumped on his back, wrapping your legs around his hips. You reached down and dipped your finger into the icing smearing it all over Harry’s cheek. “Oh! You’re on!” He laughs while he grabs the bowl and chases after you.

Liam: Today was the day Liam was coming home, after the 3 months touring. You had everything set up and ready to go go once he walked into the door. Blankets and pillows on the couches, a selection of movies, and some snacks, You had planned a movie night just for him. You heard his car pull up in the drive way and seconds later he came bursting into the doors straight to your arms. “I missed you so much Y/N!” He exclaims as he tightens his grip on you. Durring the middle of the third movie you laid your head down in his laps. He lightly played with your hair. Realizing that you were tired he paused the movie and sang to you quietly as you fell asleep.

Niall: Niall had been back from the tour for a week, and he had planned for the two of you to go to a Justin Bieber concert, because he knew you enjoyed his music just as much as himself. Niall was helping you pick out an outfit to wear. “How about this one?” You ask coming out in a lace summer dress. “That looks beautiful!” Niall said, giving his opinion for the tenth time. “Nah,it makes my legs look gross.” You say inspecting yourself in the mirror. You took off the dress, slipping it over your head in front of Niall. “Or you could stay like that.” He says coming up from behind you with his arms wrapped around your bare stomach. You smile as he starts kissing your neck. “Niall we have to leave in ten minutes, not now.” You stutter as he moves to your weak spot. He stops going over to your closet and picking out some shorts and a shirt. “Wear this, besides anything looks good on you, princess.” he says giving you a peck on the lips. The concert had been everything you’ve ever expected and more, with Niall by your side. 

Louis: It was a hot summer day and Louis had finally came back after 3 months touring with the boys. You were inside doing the dishes when Louis had called you from outside. “Y/N come outside!” Following his voice you step out the back door but you couldn’t see him. Shutting the door you walked out further, and that”s when it hit you. Paint. You turned to your right where Louis was holding a bucket of paint and a paint brush. A devilish came upon his face dipping the brush back into the bucket. You ducked as he tried to splash you. You laughed at his failed attempt, looking around you saw another bucket. Sprinting towards it you grabbed it and splashed Louis back. The two of you had a paint fight, using two buckets each, by the time they were empty you both had been covered in paint. “Come here Y/N” He smiled arms open. You run towards him, causing the two of you to fall to the ground in fits of laughter. You look into his deep blue eyes, then your eyes wandered down to his perfect lips. You filled the space that was between you and smashed the both of your lips together. 

Zayn: Zayn was back from the world wide tour with his band mates. He wanted to go back to his home town to see his family again. So he had booked a flight for the two of you to go and visit. This being the first time you’ve ever met his parents. You were a nervous wreck, .always playing with the hem of your shirt or biting your nails. Zayn noticed and grabbed your hand. “beb, nothing to worry about.” He faces you smiling, reassuring you it’d be fine. “What if they hate me?” You mumble. “Trust me they wont, what’s to hate about you?” He squeezes our hand pulling up into their drive way. Zayn gets out of the car as his parents and sisters run out the door into his arms. I get out of the car, but feel a hand tug on my own. I turn around to face Zayn’s youngest sister, Safa. “Are you Y/N?” She asks you. You bend down to her height. “Yea, I’m Y/N, Zayn’s friend.” You smile at her. She giggles back at you. “No silly! You’re Zayn’s Girlfriend!” “Yes she is Safa.” Zayn comes behind you and puts his arm around your waist, leading you into the house.